1. What is Novotel Suites Manila at Acqua?
    Soaring 41 stories into the sky, Novotel Suites Manila brings guests and residents an international branded hotel experience with exceptional service, world class amenities, and beautifully designed living spaces within a master planned waterfront development.

  2. Where is Novotel Suites Manila at Acqua located?
    Novotel Suites Manila is the sixth and final tower within Acqua Private Residences, Coronado St. Brgy. Hulo, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Its location is immediately accessible to and from Makati City, the country’s central business district, via the Estrella-Pantaleon and the Makati-Mandaluyong bridges.

  3. When is the project’s turnover date?
    September 2019

  4. Who is the developer of Novotel Suites Manila?
    The entire Acqua private Residences development, including the sixth Acqua tower, Novotel Suites Manila at Acqua, is developed by Century Limitless Corporation (CLC).

    Century Project Management and Construction Corporation (CPMCC) is the construction manager and contractor of the project. These companies are subsidiaries of Century Properties Group, Inc. (CPGI).

    The building will be divided into 2 distinct areas. There are approximately 185 units of residences and 310 Hotel Suites, 152 of which will be owned and sold as preferred shares by Century Acqua Lifestyle Corporation (CALC) and 158 units retained by the Century Limitless Corporation (CLC), a subsidiary of Century Properties Group Inc.

  5. Who is the operator and property manager of Novotel Suites Manila?
    The CLC-retained units and the units owned by the CALC will be operated as an All-Suite Hotel and Serviced Apartment, to be managed by Accor -one of the largest hotel groups in the world, under the Novotel Suites brand.

    The role of the manager is to provide first-class 4 Star Hospitality services to the owners and guests and through Accor’s International distribution system to maximize the potential investors returns through higher room rate and occupancy.

  6. What facilities/amenities/features are available for Novotel Suites Manila’s clients?
    • Grand Lobby
      Located at the 21st level, residents and guests can gather comfortably in this elegant, fully Wi-Fi-connected lobby.
    • Dedicated Elevators
    • All Day Dining Restaurant and Bar
    • Infinity pool
    • Executive Club Lounge
      The Executive Club Lounge at the 21st floor offers a relaxing atmosphere for guests to unwind, catch up on work or hold private meetings.
    • Outdoor Lounge Complementing the Executive Club Lounge is an Outdoor Lounge at the same level, with sweeping views of the Makati skyline.
    • Gym

  7. What are the facilities allotted for back-of-house support?
    • Concierge Service
    • Valet Parking
    • 24/7 Electricity and Maintenance
    • 24/7 Security
    • Property Management
    • Access to the Pebble (for Residential Unit Owners only)
    • Lease Management
    • Hotel Suites Leasing
    • Other services include: Storage for Cleaning/Housekeeping, a Material Recovery Facility, and Dry Garbage Recycling Room.

  8. What are the building features designed for the safety of unit owners and guests?
    • 24-Hour Doorman, Security and Maintenance Personnel
    • Access Cards
    • Fire Safety Systems with full sprinkler, fully-addressable fire alarm, and emergency voice alarm communication
    • Mechanical Smoke Evacuation System
    • Security and Surveillance System
    • Generator Set (100% power back up system)
    • Pressurized Emergency Exits

  9. Are the residential unit owners and visitors of Novotel Suites Manila allowed to access the amenities and facilities of Acqua Private Residences’ Pebble Clubhouse?
    Owners of the Private Residences will be able to use Acqua’s Pebble facilities at Acqua, while Preferred Shareholders and Hotel guests will be allowed to use the facilities in the Novotel building itself.

  10. How many floors are dedicated for residential units? Hotel suites?
    11 floors and 22 floors, respectively.

  11. What are the floors dedicated to amenities and common areas?
    Floors 1, 6, and 21

  12. What types of hotel suites are there at Novotel Suites Manila?


    • Spacious Standard Room with a dedicated workspace and kitchen area with a microwave and coffee amenities. It features a three-way traffic bathroom including a his and hers wash area.
    • Option of a One (1) King Size Bed or Two (2) Twin Beds.
    • It can accommodate up to 2 adults plus 2 children.


    • It has a kitchen equipped with an induction cooker, microwave, Nespresso machine and cutleries. There’s a 6-seater dining table, across the living room, a bathroom and powder room.
    • King Bed.
    • It can accommodate up to 2 adults plus 2 children.


    • It has a separate bedroom and living room both with a 55” LED TV. In the kitchen, you’ll find a Nespresso machine, microwave, cutleries and induction cooker.
    • King Bed.
    • It can accommodate up to 2 adults plus 2 children.


    • Its living room has sofa and bathroom. It has a dining area, a kitchen with an induction cooker, microwave, Nespresso machine and cutleries. In the bedroom, there’s a walk-in closet, powder room, and view of the city.
    • King Bed.
    • It can accommodate up to 2 adults plus 2 children


    • Each room has a bathroom, TV and closet. A separate living room, dining area and kitchen with cooking equipment, microwave, Nespresso machine and cutleries.
    • King Bed.
    • It can accommodate up to 2 adults plus 2 children.

    *** Additional beds may be added at a minimal fee, baby cots are free of charge but subject to availability

  13. Are the residential units now available?
    These will be offered later in 2015.




  1. What is the Century Fractional Ownership Program?
    The first of its kind in the Philippines, the Century Fractional Ownership Program allows the purchase of preferred shares of Century Acqua Lifestyle Corporation (CALC), a subsidiary of Century Limitless Corporation. Preferred shareholders under the program are entitled to customized luxury vacation and business stays in 152 units owned by CALC in Novotel Suites Manila at Acqua, the option to enjoy multiple vacation destinations worldwide, hassle-free property management, and an annual return from the lease of the CALC-owned units.

  2. What are the benefits of fractional ownership?
    • More rational use of vacation time and discretionary income
    • Higher quality second home and customized vacations for less cost
    • Hassle-free management
    • Share operational cost of upkeep with other owners
    • Greater flexibility of use to fit your lifestyle
    • Equity versus a pre-paid vacation

  3. Will a Preferred Shareholder own a fraction of a unit in Novotel?
    A Preferred Shareholder will own Preferred Shares in Century Acqua Lifestyle Corporation (CALC), the company that owns the 152 units. Prices are for Board Lots of 13 preferred shares each, which indirectly translates to ¼ of a unit.

  4. How secure is my share?
    As you are a Preferred Shareholder of a company, your shares are registered and protected by the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] of the Philippines and will comply with all regulatory controls as set out by the SEC.

  5. What are the entitlements for a Preferred Shareholder?
    A Preferred Shareholder who purchases at least 1 Board Lot of 13 preferred shares is entitled to 4 weeks own use and 9 weeks for “lease back” investment. The room entitlement of the Preferred Shareholder shall correspond to the class of Preferred Share held (Studio, Deluxe, Superior, or Premier).

  6. A Preferred Shareholder is entitled up to 14 nights of occupancy within the High Season, and up to 14 nights of occupancy within the Shoulder Season in each year, for a total of 28 nights or 4 weeks. Annual Usage Entitlement reservations shall be taken in no less than three (3) consecutive nights stay.

    For the Preferred Shareholder’s 9 weeks “lease back” investment, he is entitled to a share in the net room rental revenue at the rate of 40% for all of the 152 CALC-owned units. The leasing of the property will be carried out through the appointed operator Accor, maximizing the sales potential and yields for the Preferred Shareholders.

  7. Can I expect to get dividends?
    In lieu of dividends, Preferred Shareholders shall be entitled to a share in the Net Room Rental Revenue at the rate of 40% for all of the 152 rooms owned by the Company.

  8. Is my Annual Room Usage entitlements totally free of charge?
    Use of usage entitlements shall be subject to a Usage Fee of no more than 30% of the Best Available Rate (BAR) of each room category. The usage fee shall cover the costs of room amenities and housekeeping services while the Preferred Shareholders are in residence together with the costs attributable to utilities service charge and any local taxes which may be payable in respect of such service.

  9. How does the reservation system work?
    Many owners want to know when they can book the peak weeks and major holidays like Christmas, Holy Week, etc. The week/s that you purchase for your own use can be used at any time throughout the year, subject to availability. The Developer and Operator, through a structured reservations system, will on a best efforts basis, ensure that owners have their preferred choice of usage. The reservations system will ensure a fair and equitable allocation of usage weeks. We simply ask that the owner make the reservation for their weeks with as much notice as possible.

  10. How many people can I authorize to call and use my usage entitlements?
    Each Preferred Shareholder shall designate a Primary User at the time of purchase or subscription of the Offer Shares or is able to nominate family, friends and guests. The Primary User shall have exclusive rights to use the reservation system to be adopted by Accor. Only Preferred Shareholders in good standing reservation request will be entertained.

  11. What if my designated unit type is fully booked? Can I still use my usage entitlements to stay at a different unit type instead?
    Yes! Preferred Shareholders shall be given priority to use the units in the category to which their shares correspond. However, an upgrade to a 1-bedroom unit may be given to a Preferred Class A Shareholder if no studio unit is available at the time he/she is scheduled to use his/her Annual Usage Entitlement. If for some reason no 1-bedroom unit is available, then a Preferred Shareholder who holds Preferred Class B, Class C or Class D shares may avail of downgrade consisting of at least 2 studio rooms; provided that the bookings are made within the reservation period required and that space is available.

  12. Can I exchange my usage entitlements to stay at other hotels?
    Yes! Interval International, Inc. (“Interval”) of Miami, Florida, USA has agreed to provide its exchange program (the “Interval Exchange Program”) to Preferred Shareholders of the Company, and your purchase comes with a free 5-year gold membership in the Interval Exchange Program. Under this program, Preferred Shareholders may exchange a minimum of one and week and up to four weeks of their Annual Usage Entitlement for stays at properties affiliated with Interval in different parts of the world.

  13. How do we go about exchanging our stays through Interval International? What are the costs involved?
    Through our affiliation with Interval International, you are able to simply swap your stay/usage entitlements for a similar sized unit through the Interval International exchange program at nearly 3,000 hotels & resorts worldwide. To facilitate the exchange, there is a small exchange cost of approximately USD 150 per exchange. All the details will be included in your Interval International Membership Kit. The exchange program shall commence on the turnover date.

  14. What benefits do I get from Accor?
    ACCOR Plus has agreed to provide membership to Preferred Shareholders. Under this program and subject to membership terms and conditions, Preferred Shareholder will be able to enjoy exclusive accommodation and dining benefits at over 600 Accor Hotels and Resorts throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Participating countries include China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

  15. What benefits do I get in summary?
    • 5 years complimentary Interval International Gold Membership commencing on the date of turnover to start the exchange program
    • 1 year complimentary Accor Plus Membership
    • Discounts and dining privileges at Novotel Suites Manila
    • Customized concierge service
    • Use of Private Residents Lounge & Library
    • 24/7 Gym & Pool use
    • Hotel services on request, including Room Service, Pre Order Breakfast service, Housekeeping, Engineering and Transportation.
    • Hotel signing privileges

  16. Who will be the administrator and asset manager of the 152 units?
    Century Properties Leisure and Hotel, Inc. will be appointed by Century Acqua Lifestyle Corporation to act as the administrator and asset manager of the 152 units upon its turnover. In this role, CPHLI will assist the Preferred Shareholders in all aspects of communications, management of usage rights and liaison with the property manager.