Welcome to the new age of Property Ownership with Century Acqua Lifestyle Corporation!

The Concept of Sharing Economy

Collaborative consumption as a phenomenon is a class of economic arrangements in which participants share access to products and services rather than having individual ownership.

This concept is accepted worldwide for industries such as:

and even Real Estate

You can enjoy something big by only paying for something small!

The Pizza Analogy Part 1


You’re with three other friends. You want to enjoy a high-quality but expensive pizza. You each decide to chip in and order it.

This pizza is made up of 4 slices. One for you, and one for each of your friends. If the deluxe pizza costs P1000, you each have to pay P250 for a slice.

In this case, it’s all about combined purchasing power. You can either use your P250 to buy a simple meal or you can combine it with other people’s contributions to afford a superior, more delicious pizza.

This, in essence, is what fractional ownership is. The ability to buy preferred shares with Century Acqua Lifestyle Corporation at Novotel Suites Manila through the collective purchasing power of like-minded individuals who want the same thing you want.

The collective purchasing power of individuals who want the same thing you want

The Pizza Analogy Part 2


Imagine the same pizza divided into 12 slices. Your section - 1/4th of the pizza – has been divided into another four slices. You’re allowed to consume one slice. The rest you can sell to people who want to enjoy some of the amazing pizza you’ve ordered.

In real estate terms, your slice is your privilege of staying at the hotel for a certain period every year. Your remaining three slices can be consumed by other people – guests staying at the hotel.

Whatever income is generated from the use of the hotel, you get a portion of the profits because you are a Shareholder.

It’s a bit like getting a new pizza box every year. You can stay at the hotel for a few weeks (your slice) while the rest of your pizza slices will be consumed by guests at the hotel.

In short, you not only enjoy the hotel personally but you also earn from it, over and over again!

What Is Fractional Ownership?

The Spectrum of Shared Ownership
  • High value asset sold to more than one owner (4 to 12)
  • Pre-agreed use plan to equally distribute annual usage of the asset
  • Earn from rental income

Client Benefits of Fractional Ownership
  • More rational use of vacation time and discretionary income
  • Higher quality second home and customized vacations for less cost
  • Hassle-free management
  • Share operational cost of upkeep with other owners
  • Greater flexibility of use to fit your lifestyle
  • Equity versus pre-paid vacation

We now offer you the opportunity to own a part of this exciting hotel project with the Century Fractional Ownership Program. This allows you to purchase shares with Century Acqua Lifestyle Corporation at Novotel Suites Manila so you can enjoy customized luxury vacation stays, multiple vacation destinations worldwide, hassle-free property management, and a steady annual rental income.


As you are a Preferred Shareholder of a company, your share is registered and protected by the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] of the Philippines and will comply with all regulatory controls as set out by the SEC.


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